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nestbox inspection camera - 6b


nest box inspection camera

Preferred choice of Landcare - Parks & Wildlife - Local Councils and Wildlife professionals. Assembled in Victoria, we have been making specialised wildlife monitoring systems for over 25 years



Great for peeking inside nest boxes - tree hollows or checking active nests. Light emitting diode (led) helps illuminate inside dark areas. Screws straight onto most inexpensive painters extension poles.



Nest Box Inspection Cameras are a handy tool for outdoor educators. Thanks to: Emerald High School - Yea High School - Kinglake Scouts - Chris Cobern & all our friends of the Upper Goulburn Landcare Network

wireless nestbox inspection camera - 6B


This Wireless Nest Box Camera has been designed specifically for Australian wildlife applications. It attaches to various brands of extension pole and transmits colour video from the tree tops. Great for checking nests for eggs or chicks, peeking inside nest boxes or tree hollows. Live colour video is viewed remotely on the hand held LCD Monitor; by using several monitors groups of people can view video from a single Nestbox Camera. The camera transmits wirelessly so there are no wires or annoying cables to get snagged up in the tree branches. Ideal for Nestbox Surveys, Landcare Groups, Outdoor Education, University & Wildlife Managers.

Proudly designed & manufactured in Victoria. I have over 30 years experience making specialised remote wildlife monitoring systems, now in semi retirement my focus is on this range of Nestbox Cameras. Each one is hand made; PVC camera housings are extruded & machined in my Mornington workshop where electronic assembly & testing also takes place. I support Landcare & offer all Landcare Groups special pricing.



nest box cameraMy Nest Box Camera features a 1200TVL resolution Super HAD sensor with glass objective lens (not a cheap plastic lens). A single LED (light emitting diode) provides wildlife eye safe soft white light illumination for the camera. I do not use infra red illumination; it is a common misconception that infra red light is less disruptive however though infra red light is barely visible to humans it is highly visible to nocturnal animals. Also colour photography is not possible with infra red, only black & white.

The compact & lightweight camera has 200mm of projection (refer photo above) & a maximum diameter of 28mm making it suitable for use with most standard species nest boxes. I do offer custom made to order cameras with extended reach or other options, please ask. The camera has a field of view of 70cm x 40cm at a distance of 25cm & can even be readily converted to a UPWARD LOOKING CAMERA by rotating the camera tube 180° making it suitable for Bat Boxes. Mounting port is threaded 3/4" x 5TPI and screws onto painter's extension poles.



lcd 6BThe 6B Monitor has a 12cm LCD screen on which the live video from the Nest Box Camera is viewed. It also features a video/ photo recorder that saves files to a micro SD card. Importantly all image files are imprinted with date/ time of capture allowing identification of where they were taken.

Our Nest Box Camera transmits on a local area - open access wireless network allowing multiple Monitors to connect and view the live streaming video simultaneously; ideal for school groups.

A sun shade also assists when using the monitor outdoors in bright sunshine.

6B Monitor has an internal rechargeable battery that provides hours of use. Can be charged in the field using your in vehicle 5volt / 2 amp mini USB car phone charger. LCD screen size measured diagonally. (LCD Monitor is imported - there are no Australian manufacturers of this product.)


nestbox battery

The Camera is powered by a rechargeable Smart battery pack that is housed in a nylon pouch secured near the top of your extension pole using two cable ties. A fully charged Smart battery will provide up to 7 hours of camera run time. Additional Smart batteries can be purchased if you require extended run time.

The four led display indicates battery "state of charge", intelligent circuitry prevents over charging or excessive discharge. Smart battery can be charged in the field in under 3 hours using your in vehicle 5volt / 2 amp micro USB car phone charger.



PROTECTIVE CASE - eco friendly:

Your Wireless Nest Box Inspection inspection camera casedCamera is supplied in a compact storage case. We use this eco friendly case because it is constructed from polypropylene, the most commonly used recyclable plastic and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Clear lid allows allows at a glance to easily identify the contents, case lid is secured by two clasps. Handy for keeping all the components together during storage & transportation.


The Nestbox Inspection Camera screws onto any extension pole with a 3/4" x 5TPI male thread, like a painter's pole & can be adapted to fit other types of pole.

For heights up to 5 metres: Bunnings have an excellent extension pole that extends from 1.8 ~ 3.6 metres & costs around $40 click HERE.

For heights up to 10 metres: If you require more reach then this $400 carbon fibre 10 metre long extension pole may suit, click HERE: You will need to send us the euro threaded cone that is supplied with this pole & we will modify it to fit our Nest Box Camera mount for an extra $60.

NOTE - We do not supply extension poles.




Wireless Nestbox Inspection Camera 6B kit includes the following items:

  • Nest Box Inspection Camera

  • Smart Battery pack with nylon pouch

  • LCD 6B Monitor/ Recorder with 12cm LCD screen

  • Micro SD Card / Plug pack charger

  • Clear Polypropylene Carry case


We DO NOT SUPPLY Extension poles

Wireless Nestbox Inspection Camera 6B - $1,235.00

express post logo DELIVERY:

Australia wide delivery by Insured Express Post: costs an additional $55.

We support Landcare:- please identify your Landcare group for discount pricing.


nestbox camera Education KIT 7B:

nestbox lcdOur "Education Kit 7B" is designed for schools & outdoor educators.

The Kit Includes: 1 x Wireless Nest Box Inspection Camera complete with Smart battery & cordura nylon pouch for mounting the battery onto your extension pole.

In place of the usual 12cm 6B Monitor we supply THREE LCD MONITORS with larger 18cm display screens, suitable for viewing by several people at once. Large screen with its built in sunshade is easier for students to share & easier to see in the field. These LCD Monitors may or may not have recording capability, they do not have date/ time imprint.

Smart battery can be charged in the field in under 3 hours using your 5volt / 2 amp car phone charger. A battery charger is not supplied.

Comes packed in a ABS plastic storage case. A mains power plug pack charger is included for the LCD Monitors.

Education Kit 7B costs $1,685.00 plus $65 postage & insurance.



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USER MANUAL - Wireless Nestbox Inspection Camera - 6B

USER MANUAL - Nestbox Education Kit - 7B


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customer videos

Tuan in nestbox

Tony Marsh from Baranduda Landcare, recorded this Tuan @ Mt. Pilot National Park.







Sugar glider pair

Tony Marsh in action again captures these sneaky sugar gliders inside a nesting box.







sugar glider family

Melbourne Polytechnic video of sugar gliders family inhabiting nest box

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